You will be enrolled into Dr. Ramkumar’s remote patient monitoring program in partnership with Globus.

The purpose of this program is to be connected to Dr. Ramkumar and his office. If you’ve had just one office visit, you will be automatically enrolled at check out by downloading a mobile application and registering. We know how difficult it is to get an appointment or even to just get in touch sometimes, but we firmly believe that an established patient should never have an issue navigating his or her way back to us!

This program allows you to digitally keep our instructions and protocols within the app, upload images or wound photos if you’ve had surgery, fill out satisfaction surveys (known as Patient Reported Outcomes: critical for Dr. Ramkumar’s research and a great way for all of us to trend your progress), review your biometrics (heart rate, step count, pain levels), directly message the office, and perform rehabilitation exercises with or without a smart brace. You will need a smartphone – either an iPhone or Android – to be enrolled. Below is some of what you will see when you participate:

Below is a small sample of what Dr. Ramkumar sees for all his patients:

This allows Dr. Ramkumar to view the progress of all his patients in his practice remotely at a glance and in as much detail to focus his care. He is also able to assess their hip or knee ambulatory status with your step count, as well as send you direct messages or solicit surveys to check in on how you’re doing. He can also see how diligent you have been with your rehabilitation!