Femoroplasty Surgeon

Do you have hip impingement or have you been diagnosed with a cam or pincer impingement in your hip?  If so, you may benefit from an arthroscopic (minimally invasive) procedure called a femoroplasty. A femoroplasty smooths out the impingement in the hip that is causing pain, and allows you to move freely. Femoroplasty surgeon, Doctor Prem Ramkumar, is located in Long Beach and serves patients in Los Angeles, Orange County, and surrounding Southern California areas. Contact Dr. Ramkumar’s office today!

What is a femoroplasty?

The femoral head from the thigh bone and the acetabular socket from the pelvis bone are two of the bones that make up the hip anatomy. Often referred to as the ball and socket, the ball-shaped surface of the femoral head should fit into the cup-like depression in the pelvic bone. However, in the setting of femoroacetabular
impingement (FAI), extra bone develops around the femoral head and/or the acetabulum. This abnormal bone on the femur, referred to as a cam lesion, turns the hip joint into a square peg inside a round hole and can prevent the hip joint from moving smoothly – resulting in cartilage break down and labral tearing.

If the bump is on the femoral head, it’s called a cam impingement. Non-surgical treatments like physical therapy and injections are the first line of defense for this type of impingement. If these don’t provide long-term relief, a femoroplasty may be needed. During this procedure, the bony abnormality (cam lesion) on the femur is removed, and the femoral head is sculpted into a round sphere. If you are diagnosed with a mixed impingement (bony growth on the femoral head and the acetabular), you may need a femoroplasty and an acetabuloplasty – at the same time. This is the most common occurrence. Dr. Prem Ramkumar, femoroplasty surgeon, is located in Long Beach and serves patients in Los Angeles, Orange County, and surrounding Southern California areas who are experiencing FAI or femoroacetabular impingement.

How is femoroplasty performed?

A femoroplasty is part of the hip arthroscopic procedure, meaning Dr. Ramkumar will make several small incisions around the hip joint and then insert a small camera through one of the incisions. He will examine the femoral head, acetabular socket, and surrounding tissues and use special surgical instruments to remove bony growths and reshape the femoral head. If you also have pincer impingement (acetabular growth) Dr. Ramkumar will perform an acetabuloplasty during the same procedure. He will also repair any additional deformities or injuries, such as a labral tear. 


Who is a candidate for a femoroplasty?

Dr. Ramkumar will recommend a femoroplasty when nonsurgical treatments for a cam impingement – such as rest, activity modifications, physical therapy, and injections – fail to resolve symptoms. If you still suffer from pain, a locking or clicking sensation, restricted hip movement, and/or lower back pain, surgery may be the next option.


What is the recovery time from a femoroplasty?

Once home, you will use crutches for four weeks before weaning off them and resuming full weight bearing. You will need a hip brace for two weeks to provide additional protection to the joint. Physical therapy starts after within the first week after surgery to help restore strength and mobility. Most patients recover from a femoroplasty within 6-8 weeks, but recovery times vary from person to person. The key to successful recovery is to follow Dr. Ramkumar’s post-surgical instructions and focus on your physical therapy program.